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Frequently Asked Questions

We made an awesome plugin for the Wordpress platform you can get it here.

It's ment for wordpress 2.6.x and above, the only other thing you'll be needing is that after installing you'll be asked to enter a Publisher ID (or PID) and Website ID (or (you guessed it...) WSID) which you can get by logining into your profile and clicking on the help hint below your website.

further and more detailed explaintion can be found here

We made an awesome plugin for the Joomla platform, which you can get here.

the module is ment to be used in joomla 1.7.x and above, the only other thing you'll be
needing after the module installtion is to to enter a Publisher ID (or PID) and Website ID (or WSID) which you can get by logging into your profile and clicking on the help hint below your website.

further and more detailed explaintion can be found here

Luckly  we made a cool module  for drupal that will allow you  to easly intergrate embAD into your website.

you can either install it by downloading it from here  and extracting it in your modules directory or use drush ("drush dl embad") to install it automatically.
After installing and enabling the module you'll need to to provide it with a Publisher ID (PID) and a Website ID (WSID) you can find them both at your profile page, In the hint links of your website entry.

After you enter the PID and WSID login back to embad.com  and your website should be enabled, click on your website link in your profile page and you can start positioning ads in your site.

After enabling your site, login to embAD and in your profile click on your site link this will open a new window which will be pointed to your site.

you'll see a a new bar in the left side of your website with several buttons on it, the top buttons are the available ad types for now click on the top most button and ad will appear on your page, now all you need to do is drag the ad to place and it will morph itself automagically to best fit your site design. after positioning the ad you can resize it as you wish.

now click on the left sidebar again  and then click on save in order to save the new ad placement.
that's it from now on people that will visit your site will see the ad just where you placed it.

you can now add more ads or replace existing ads on your site just remember to click on save once you're satisfied with the ad placement.

Our embADing algorithim is such that our tool places an ad in a specific  place on your website page
if the page structure changes too much we will not place  an ad there, inorder to avoid mangling your website design.

If you want an ad to appear in both pages there are two solutions to that:

    1. Create a new ad on the page that ad is missing and place it on the appropate place.
    2. move back to the page thatthe ad is showing and move the ad to a position shared by both pages (such as : the page header, top of content area , etc... ).

If  that doesn't solve the problem feel free to contact us here or send an email to :  support@embad.com

Yes.  we currently are in beta.

so some features might not be complete or might not work at all (due to those pesky bugs) but we're trying to get to fully working product as fast as we can.

If you think the idea is cool and want to help out feel free to use our tool and notify us with any issue you encounter.

Currently (in the beta stage) the ads that will be presented on your site will come from either openx or google dfp we try and use the provider that will pay more for each ad display on your site.

As we get more ad sources we will automatically change the ad provider to your site to allow you to gain the most revenue from your site.

Because we're that cool! :)

Most website today are built with a theming system so there's should be only several files that you actually need to place the script tag in.

Simply look for all the files that have "</body>" text in them and place the script tag just before the "</body>" tag in each of those files.
There are two ways to install embAD:

1. Your site is built with either: Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla!
Go here, and follow the instructions.

2. Any other framework
Place emAD's script tag in all your website HTML files.

You may find the script tag In your embAD user page.  Hover your mouse over the relevant website link and the script will appear beneath it.  Simply copy it and paste it in your site HTML.

Your website will be enabled the next time you log in to embAD.
You may also enable it using the "Enable Website" button in your account page right now!

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.

We currently support PayPal transactions, 

So all you need to get payed is fill out your paypal account in your account settings tab (if you don't have one its easy to create at PayPal) and once you'll earn enough you'll be able to request payment at any time.

We'll also pay you automagically if you'll reach a certain threshold.

If you'll want us to add more payment options feel free to tell us what kind.

We're trying to make the usage of our service as easy as possible, but didn't found a good enough solution for sites that aren't based on a known  framework yet.

We're trying to solve that issue right now and hope we'll have a solution soon, for now we'll be happy to answer any question so feel free to contact us  with any issue

If your site is based on a framework that We're not supporting please feel free to contact us  and we'll try to create a plugin to your framework too.

If your site isn't based on any framework you can still use embAD simply by inserting the script that assigned to your website (which can be found in your profile page) in all of your full page HTMLs.

For any issue about integration feel free to contact us here

Your site will be automatically verified, as soon as you install EmbAD's script into your site.

Please note that your site must be online and accessible in order it to be verified.

Once your site is verified, you'll be able to embed ads into your site!