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embAD plugin for WordPress

We've developed a WordPress plugin to make it easier to use embad on your blog.


Download the embad plugin for WordPress 2.6.x and above

To install and configure the plugin

1. Upload & Unpack the plugin to your WordPress plugins directory: /wp-content/plugins/

2. On your WordPress administration, choose Plugins.

3. Scroll down to inactive plugins, find the embad plugin, and click activate.

4. Once the plugin is activated go to settings on the sidebar menu and click on EmbAd Settings.

5. Complete the short form with your account details and click update.

*To find your account information, log in to your embad account, choose your website, and copy your PID and website ID from the presented script to the settings page.
You can also find your account information in the registration mail.

6. Login to embad in the same browser on a different tab.

7. Go to your homepage, and start placing ads to your site!