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About Us

The birth of embAD was based on the complexities and high expenses of the current methodology of Ad placement in websites.
It was embAD’s founders aims to create a simple method for users with no coding background, to both embed and control advertisements on their website. They saw a huge need in the ever growing marketing place of websites (currently there are over 20 Billion websites world wide) which allowed users with no HTML knowledge to commercialize their own site as simply as possible.

Research indicates that owners of over 85% of the 555 million websites world wide, do not have HTML knowledge. Until embAD existed, rigorous code was needed to commercialize a website, which the average website owner having to outsource this task at a high expense.

embAD’s exciting and innovative platform changes the landscape of Internet advertising.
This once complex and expensive task of embedding adverts has been effectively simplified and personalize, allowing ALL website owners to efficiently take advantage of free advertising space!

What is embAD

This exciting and innovative platform will revolutionize the way that adverts are embedded in websites. Now by simply registering to embAD's services, website owners will receive a user friendly and personalized Drag & Drop tool.
This non-intrusive tool-bar allows users with no coding knowledge to easily embed advertisements within their site, in order to achieve financial gain.

The tool-bar will automatically analyze one’s site and will display all potential ad placement holders. Users have the ability to easily resize and rescale the adverts to fit within their own website design and structure.
embAD’s sophisticated technology, also allows the advert to customize itself according to the site's layout.

By simply dragging and dropping the chosen advert, users can instantaneously commercialize their own site without applying any necessary code. Integrating ads to your website to efficiently use free advertising space has never been easier and more customized.